What You Should Know About Unsafe Products

For the most part, manufacturers do their best to create products that will improve consumers’ lives. But sometimes they neglect to adhere to the latest product safety regulations and requirements. In other cases, they accidentally create products or medications that are unsafe to either use or consume. Consumers should learn the basics of unsafe and dangerous products, product recalls, and liability. This information helps to protect themselves from harm and to know their legal rights.

A defective product is one that doesn’t have proper warnings or thorough instructions. On the other hand, the product could have plenty of warnings and instructions, but still have a manufacturing flaw, which would still classify it as defective. Products also have the potential to injure someone. If the manufacturer doesn’t redesign the product, it could potentially lead to harm, making the product unsafe.

Information Awareness about Unsafe Products

  • Unsafe Product Recalls

    Unsafe and dangerous products that cause injury or lead to legal action by an injury lawyer may be recalled. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) may investigate unsafe or dangerous products and make a ruling as to whether they should be recalled. The FDA has the power to put a hold on imports of harmful products, even outright ban unsafe products from being sold to the public.

  • Laws on Product Liability

    Laws regarding unsafe and dangerous products aren’t the same everywhere. Ways to hold a manufacturer liable include proving the product was made or designed defectively, and proving the product came with insufficient instructions and/or warnings regarding the potential for harm. If many people are harmed by the same product, they can file a class action lawsuit against the manufacturer.

  • Researching Products & Companies

    It’s a good idea for consumers to do a bit of research on products they’re thinking of buying. Some careful digging can reveal a company’s reputation, the overall quality of products it releases, and if any products have current recalls. Even after a product is bought, consumers should set online alerts for recalls and FDA investigations regarding any products or medications they are using.